Solar Geometry Demonstration Heliodon

Solar Geometry Demonstration Heliodon

The Solar Geometry Demonstration Heliodon was developed because not every architecture school had the space and or money for a heliodon like the Sun Simulator or Sun Emulator, which are great as teaching tools and they can also test models.  Unfortunately, the very inexpensive and small Table-top heliodon cannot do both.  Although, it is very good at testing models, it does not simulate our everyday experience of how the sun moves across the sky.  Consequently, students never learn the basic concepts of solar responsive design so dependent on an understanding of solar geometry.  Essentially, this heliodon is a small and very inexpensive version of the Sun Emulator.  Although, it is great at demonstrating solar geometry and some basic solar strategies, it is much too small to test a model.


By having both this heliodon and the Table-top heliodon, it is possible to both teach solar geometry and test models very accurately.  Unfortunately, when a student test his or her model on the Table-top heliodon, they have a hard time visualizing the results as a product of solar geometry.  Thus, these two heliodons are not as effective teaching tools for solar responsive design as are the Sun Simulator and Sun Emulator, but they are far better than no heliodon.

Solar Geometry

Demonstration Heliodon

This heliodon is small, inexpensive, and fairly easy to make.  It is an excellent tool for teaching solar geometry for any place on earth.  Because of its small size and light weight, it is easy to move.  It is best used in conjunction with The Table-top heliodon.

This heliodon must be constructed, since it is not commercially available.  Because it is somewhat delicate, it may be necessary to store it when not in use.  Because of its small size it cannot be used to test models and the number of people watching a demonstration is limited.


Click on the drawing at right to see the complete set of working drawings.  Although, specific dimensions are given, the size could be changed.

Click here to download the drawings.

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